Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back from a short foray into the insane

Well, I fell off the wagon, then got dragged behind the wagon and then the wagon backed over me. I am now back on program. My current weight is 221.2. I didn't lose any ground, but lost a month while worrying about my Mom in the hospital, work, family and other situations. Why do I use food to deal with things? Can't I be an alcoholic or something?

Anyway, I'm doing well today and have been for the past 4 days.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Is Medifast easier to do on the road?

One of my friends asked me...
Do you find it easier on the road....less temptation? I would think not being home would make it easier. I suppose unless you hit the stores and stock up. Hmmm

A lot of times it is easier for me to do Medifast on the road for work. I have less time sitting at home and dealing with the "bored eating" thing. But sometimes it's more difficult. I come downstairs in the morning at the hotel and smell the fresh cinnamon rolls and just want one of those and some juice. Usually, I'll just heat up an oatmeal or an oatmeal raisin crunchy bar.

Sometimes I think I've got it easier than the people with kids in the house or a hubby that isn't on program because the trigger foods aren't around...but they CERTAINLY are around on the road!!! Then I get to the event where there is catering. If I'm in "the medizone", it's fine. I just grab a piece of meat and some salad.

If I'm faltering, the pasta starts calling...loudly. That's when Nancy jumps in my head saying "nothing tastes as good as thin feels"....whew, thanks Nancy! Getting my head in the right place is 75% of the battle for me!

Being able to eat the new crunchy bars more than once a day is a huge help! It gives me another choice besides RTD's when on the run. That's awesome!

It all depends where my head is. I have to make a lot of hard choices eating out in restaurants every night with the gang, but if my head is right, I can get a piece of meat and veggies or a salad anywhere for my lean and green. I just have to be firm with the waitstaff, no gravy, no butter, no anything and I tip well.

But sometimes the depression hits...why can't I have what the boys are having. Now granted, NONE of these boys couldn't stand to lose a few LBs, but my whiny self doesn't realize that!

I feel good about this trip. I have promised myself that I'm going to make it one month without any cheats and no deviations from the Medifast and TSFL program and I intend to keep that promsie! I don't have many clothes in this size (the 18's), and I will have many more choices just by moving down to the 16's. I hate having to do laundry so much, but I'm certainly not going to buy MORE in the 18's!

Last time I did 30 days with no cheats, I lost 26lbs my first month! Right now I'm just concentrating on getting back into the 50# lost club with Medifast! Less than 5 lbs to go! Prize for that...PEDICURE! (Yes, I'm bribing myself!). Next goal after that...to go from obese to overweight on the BMI chart....that is at 205lbs...haven't picked a prize for that yet, any suggestions?

I hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has served and the families that support them!

Day 12 Medifast Restart

Sunday was day 12. I've been a little bit bummed, the scale hasn't moved since Friday, but with the stunning losses I've had so far, it's fair that my body is taking stock and trying to figure out what's going on. All I can do is be compliant to the Medifast and TSFL program and patient (yeah, right, patient!).

I'm really pleased with my diet soda consumption. I'm only doing about 12oz with dinner. I've been doing at least 88oz of water a day and am happy the lowered caffeine isn't adversely affecting me!

Yesterday (Sunday), I did an RTD at 9, a chocolate mint bar (I love those) at noon, a chicken noodle soup at 3, a pork chop and green beans for my lean and green at 6ish, a SF Jello later, a pudding at 9 and an RTD before bed. A bit boring? Maybe, but I like the regiment in the early-going! I'll do some of the recipes when I'm more comfortable with my compliance.

One thing I'm so glad is getting through my head...Medifast works, if you just do the program as written! I do so well when I stick to it with no cheats and intend not one cheat the whole first month! I tried on a pair of 16's yesterday, not there yet, but I'm getting there!

Onward and downward! contact me on the Medifast & TSFL site connections if I can help with anything!

My heartfelt thanks on this Memorial Day to those who have sacrificed for this country, liberty and freedom and their family and friends!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

day 10 Medifast Restart

Oops, I missed a day, I did spend day 9 on program and did well. I woke up on Friday (Day 10) and weighed in at 222.2, giving me a BMI of 31.9. Not too bad, 11.8lbs lost since my re-start! I love Medifast & TSFL!

I'm doing really well on the program, but not as much can be said for my subconscious! I had a dream about mac & cheese two nights ago and PB & J last night. Weird, neither are my favorite things, but apparently the subconscious is fixating on those! It's strange, I'm happy, not hungry, full-of energy. My dream world is full of carbs that aren't even my favorites. Now back to waking hours.

I entered everything into TSFL Support in Motion and ended Friday with a net calories burned of 1821!

I had oatmeal for breakfast, a RTD for mid-morning, a chocolate mint crunch bar (my favorite) for lunch, a salad with chicken for my lean and green, a pudding for dinner and an RTD before bed!

I had WAY too much soda yesterday. probably 64oz. I only had about 50oz of water, so I'm not expecting much of a drop Saturday. I had 2 snacks too, not because I was hungry, but out of boredom. I must work on that!

Everybody have a Great long weekend. Happy Memorial Day and a hearty thanks to all that serve and have served.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 8 Medifast Restart

Well, I woke up and jumped on the scale (can you say scale addict?) and weighed in at 224.6! YAY ME! Yay Medifast & TSFL! Not QUITE to 10lbs lost since my re-start, but close enough!

I continued with my spring cleaning today. Was closer to eating every 3 hours than yesterday! My lean and greens are getting pretty boring, but I like keeping it simple in the beginning. I got hungry right after my lean and green, and had some celery and PB2, then I had a sugar-free Jello in the evening. I had two snacks, but didn't splurge!

I entered everything into TSFL support in Motion, and even with the two snacks, I only had 853 calories, giving me a net calories burned at 1845! Not too bad! I did 88oz of water today and 44oz of diet soda (gotta work on that!)

I had an RTD for at 9, another RTD at noon, an oatmeal raisin bar at 3, my lean and green of 5oz beef steak, salad, and salad spritzer at 6:30, the celery and PB2 right after that, a RTD at 9, a SF-Jello at 9:30 and an RTD at midnight.

I went to the gas station and wanted to chuck it all for taquitos and donuts and I thought to myself "you're going to blow 10lbs for GAS STATION FOOD? I don't think so!" I got out of the gas station with only a diet soda, so I did WELL!

It is odd to me that I'm one of those people that craves sweets when sad or down, I consider things like donuts "rewards." I'm trying so hard to break that! One of my friends told me to think of the medifast meals as a "prescription" and "take my prescription" every 3 hours as directed. That's what I'm happily doing! I'm trying my best to think of food as fuel and medicine, not as a treat for being good or comfort when feeling bad!

Things are changing already, my nails look better. Possibly, the fast food diet wasn't that healthy and my body is happier? Stranger things have happened!

Okay, I'm done babbling now. I might try one of the cool recipes to spice things up tomorrow! C
lick on my TSFL link and then e-mail me if you have any questions about the program, aren't already working with a health coach and want some good recipes, find out what is on special if thinking about trying Medifast or to talk about anything Medifast & TSFL!

Onward and downward! Taking a journey to optimal health, wanna join me?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 7 Medifast Restart

I got on the scale in the morning, and was at 225! 9lbs down! BMI=32.3. Not too shabby! I was in spring cleaning mode and actually didn't notice when it was time to eat and this person who usually constantly thinks about food went 4 1/2 hours without eating. I had a bar as soon as I remembered.

I'm spring cleaning, I have tons of energy, Wow! Things are going great! The cravings are gone...no more licking the flat screen when I see a fast-food commercial! I even went into the gas station tonight and wandered right past the theatre candy that was on sale! YAY ME! I feel like once I got to the place of "I'm too big, I KNOW I can fix this," I'm in the right place! For me, Medifast is the best tool for that. So easy, no calorie counting, learning (again) to space my meals well, eat 6 small meals a day, portion sizes, etc. I'm just glad after a month of deciding to start and not making it through the day without a cheat, that my head is in the place to start getting healthy again!

I had a 32oz diet soda today, but 100oz of water on top of that. I had an RTD for breakfast (9), another for mid-morning (12), a bar for "lunch"(4:30...oops), a pork chop, broccoli and a small salad for afternoon (7), a pudding for my lean and green "dinner" (9), and an RTD before bed (mid). I'm not looking for a lot of variety right now. I"m happy the way it is. I entered everything into TSFL Support in Motion and it showed a net calories burned at 1871! I can't tell you how motivating that little tool is to me!

Thanks for following along and holler if you have any questions about Medifast or TSFL! I think I might try one of the Medifast recipes tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 6 Medifast Restart

Okay, PHEW, I feel like I've really crossed a line. I feel GREAT! I do believe I'm entering the Medifast MEDIZONE! Wooo hoo! I'm in the ZONE!

I woke up and jumped on the scale (nasty nasty habit, I've got to get over that before the inevitable plateau!). I'm using the scale as a motivation tool, not as anything else. I know it won't always move this fast, it's the first week after all!

So, I was at 226.2, not too bad! 7.8 lbs lost so far! I felt GREAT all day, had tons of energy and felt like myself again! It's AWESOME!

It was unbelievably hot today, so I didn't want a lot of hot food. For breakfast(9am), I had a RTD, mid-morning (noon), I had a oatmeal raisin crunch bar (microwaved for 8 seconds....mmmmmmm! Just like a Cinnabon!), an RTD for lunch (3:30pm), a pork tenderloin (5oz) and broccoli for my lean and green (6:30), a pudding for "dinner" (9pm), and an RTD before bed (midnight)!

I entered everything into TSFL Support in Motion. It showed my "net calories burned" as minus 1915...that tool is so darned cool! I even entered this new 30 calorie dressing I've been using. My snack today was celery stalks (I get hungry between 3 & 5, that's my DANGER TIME). I'm enclosing times for the person that asked when I eat! MY BM's are a little slow lately, so I'm happy to report I had a good one (TMI, I know!)

I was really confused in the late-evening when I realized I had a headache...had I overdone it? Not eaten enough? Nope, the headache was probably caused by time of month (or possibly, my Dad! LOL!)

Anyway, I'm doing great, I feel fantastic and I'm over 8lbs lost in 6 days WOO HOO! I love Medifast & TSFL!

Give me a holler if you're doing Medifast too, or have any questions from someone who has been in the trenches!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 5 Medifast TSFL Restart

Okay, so Sunday was Day 5. I CAN'T BELIEVE I MADE IT THOUGH THE HARD PART! I've done Medifast before, so I KNOW if I make it through day 4, that the truly hard part is over!

I woke up and (of course) got on the scale. It was at 226.8, so I lost .2lbs since day 3, but that's good, I DID have two snacks yesterday! So 7.2lbs lost since my re-start!

I wasn't hungry AT ALL today...I had to remind myself to eat a Medifast Meal every 3 hours! YAY! Not hungry! I'm heading towards the Medi-zone!

Let's see, today I had an RTD for breakfast, a chocolate mint crunch bar (OMG, SO my favorite) in mid-afternoon, beef veggie soup for lunch, a pork chop & green beans for my lean and green, a pudding dinner, and an RTD for my late night meal. My snack today was 3 stalks of celery! Yep, only ONE snack!

I got up to 96oz of water today! YAY me! I am using a bit of the SF drink flavorings, but about 1/4 of the suggested serving just to interest me while I'm getting my water intake up! I only had one diet soda today, but it was a 32ozer, so that's nothing to brag about...I'm just glad the water total is going up and the soda total is going down!

Believe it or not, I'm saving money! Just cutting out the trip to the gas station for a donut, candy bar, taquito, etc., is almost paying for my Medifast meals!

The next goal, to make exercise a daily priority. I have a pilates machine, a ton of DVD's, a bike, etc. I know people starting MF aren't supposed to exercise for the first 3 weeks, but I already exercised HARD but sporadically, so now the plan is to exercise less hard, but more often! Wish me luck!

Drop me a line if you have any questions about the program!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 4 back on Medifast

Well, I woke up and jumped on the scale. I am at the same weight I was yesterday (227), but who could mind? I've already lost 7 since I restarted on Medifast!

So I did okay today but it was kind of a lazy day, so the cravings were very high and I was definitely tempted by commercials (even KFC) to jump in the car, but I didn't. When I quit smoking, I got WAY too into fast food. Can't go back.

I did go to the store and got some allowed snacks. I'm sorry to say I did have two snacks today (SF Jello and celery), but they were both allowed snacks and allowed me to get through a tough day!

Did I get on the pilates machine? No, but I did go up and down the stairs a gazillion times to do some cleaning and projects. I need to make exercise a daily priority! Plus, I want to add something into the exercise category in TSFL Support in Motion! Even without the exercise, I showed a net calories burned of 1888 calories today so all in all it went well and I know I'm ALMOST over the hard part! I have the Jello entered into TSFL Support in Motion now, so I do list everything I ate in the program...what a cool and motivating thing!

What did I have today: I had an RTD for breakfast, a cinnamon roll crunch bar for mid-morning, oatmeal for lunch, 5oz of thinly sliced beef and green beans for late afternoon, a pudding later and an RTD before bed! I'm so excited about these crunch bars, they'll be SO handy while traveling for work and we can have more than one a day and they are filling! I did 96oz of water today and only had ONE Diet Soda, yay me!

The good thing is I'm not hungry, I just want to eat because I'm bored. I'm also going through a bit of that "it's not fair, why can other peopple go to Mickey D's and get a #2 and I can't?" I'm just feeling sorry for myself, but nothing tastes as good as thin feels! I am getting control over portion sizes, making my body happy by eating every 3 hours and doing all right!

So, I'm doing well, I'm almost in the zone. Holler at me if you have any questions about the Medifast program, what it's like, what it costs, etc.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 3 back on Medifast

Moving right along....
I woke up thirsty again...gosh I must've been dehydrated! So, I'm a scale geek and I got on the scale first thing in the morning...believe it or not, I'm at 227! Yep, 7lbs down SO FAR! 67 little lbs to go! If everything could be like the first week...nothing is more motivating! I was so happy to report my weight on TSFL Support in Motion! My BMI is now 33...onward and downward!

I'm still a little sluggish, but excited! I spent the day going back over the Quick Start guide...mostly for myself and partially for a client. I think as I get my mojo back, I'll be a much better Health Coach!

Okay, to today, I'm having fun entering everything into TSFL Support in Motion...what a fantastic tool! I'm missing a little exercise, maybe I'll get on my pilates machine tonight...guess my energy is getting better! I was home, so every commercial on the tube triggered a craving (for food and oddly ciggies too), I remember what my friend Nancy told me once...nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

Well, without entering the exercise into TSFL Support in Motion, I'm down 1938 calories today! Not too bad!

Today, I had an oatmeal for breakfast, an RTD for mid-morning, Beef Veggie soup (LOVE THAT) for lunch, a crunch bar in the afternoon, a pork chop and green beans for dinner, and will have an RTD later! I'm not hungry at all, just battling the random cravings...can't WAIT for day 4! Wish me luck getting upstairs to the pilates machine!

Day 2 back on Medifast & TSFL

Okay, so I woke up THIRSTY, guess that's good huh? I know you're not supposed to but I'm such a scale dork. I got on the scale and had lost TWO POUNDS! I LOVE the first week on Medifast! Nothing more motivating!

I was a little bit listless today, so I didn't work out at all...better to give my body a chance to acclimate to being on Medifast. I had fun with the TSFL Support in Motion, I logged my weight and all my meals, even my Lean and Green! I kept track of my water. I LOVE that tool! I spent some time deciding if I was "lightly active" and decided I was. I did pretty good with the diet soda thing and did 88oz of water (I do better with 100, so that's a goal)!

Around 9pm, my body was screaming at me to go through the drive through, but the car keys stayed put! I know from experience that if I can get through day 4, EVERYTHING gets easier!

Today I had an oatmeal in the morning, an RTD mid-morning, a crunch bar at lunch, a nice salad with chicken for my "afternoon" Lean and Green meal, a pudding for my dinner and an RTD before bed.

I didn't have any snacks, because I don't trust myself...don't want to eat an entire 6-pack of SF Jello or anything right now! Not really safe to have snacks in the house. I need to get myself back in the mode of being on Medifast! I'm SO excited! I KNOW this works, works fast and I feel great! KNOW that once I make it through the "tough part" (the first few days), I'll be CRUISING in the Medizone!

Had the headache again tonight, and a little bit of leg cramping, but know that's all part of getting back on the road to optimal health!

I'll talk to y-all soon! Watch me win by losing! Thinking about trying Medifast, weighing the options, want to know what it's actually like to do the program? Wanna know what it really costs? Drop me a line? Wanna join me?

Day 1

Well, I did it.

Back in 2006, I lost 107 lbs with Medifast & TSFL. I became a Certified Health Coach and had a blast helping people part with the pounds and get healthier. I kept it off after doing the transition and maintenance phase and was doing well. I picked Medifast because of several reasons...I travel a lot and this is so easy. I considered the plans on TV but I realized they wouldn't fix my problem. I wouldn't learn much from "you can eat mac & cheese and chocolate cake, as long as it's OUR mac & cheese and chocolate cake." Also, carting around all that stuff on the road was problematic. MF's stuff was very portable! I knew I needed to watch my portions, eat 6 times a day and did really well on the program! I kept the weight off for years! I was in the healthy BMI range, but always wanted to be at the bottom of the BMI range.

Then, I decided to quit smoking. I did this on Jan 1 of this year. I kept telling myself "it doesn't matteer what you eat, just DON'T SMOKE!" I effectively replaced the ciggies with jelly beans, fries and peanut butter cups.

Before I even noticed, I had gained over 50lbs. How did that happen? Tons of things...when I quit smoking, I cut out the high amounts of water I was drinking and replaced it with diet soda. Before the quitting smoking, I had joined a gym and started working out. I still do sporadically. I started eating fast food again because I was so sad that I had gotten back to within 30lbs of my heaviest. I wasn't a very good health coach because I was so mad at myself.

So, I am at a crossroads...time to go back to what I know works, works fast, is healthy and can help me lose weight fast enough to keep me motivated. There was only one choice for me...Medifast & TSFL!

So, time for the re-start to prove to myself that I did it once, I can do it again! I can achieve optimal health! Food is not a comfort or a friend and like a friend said...nothing tastes like thin feels!

I weighed myself...234 lbs on my 5'10" frame, giving me a BMI of 34...Obese. Next goal...ONEDERLAND (getting back into the 100's). I signed back into TSFL's great tool, Support in Motion.

So, my first day back on the Medifast 5 & 1 plan commenced. Day one SUCKED! It was like my head KNEW it wasn't getting any more drive through! I had the headache, I peed A LOT as I upped my water intake. I'm limiting myself to 3 diet sodas a day and will cut that down as we progress. It sucks, but I know once I get past say, day 4, I'll be cruising in the MEDIZONE!

Stick with me, watch me win by losing with Medifast and TSFL and join me!